Intake Forms

The intake forms and their specific content are selected by your medical practice to collect and maintain information about your medical history.  Some of this information may relate to specific medical conditions; others may relate, for example, to behaviors, such as smoking, that may have an effect on your health.

Because the specifics of your practice's intake forms may be different from others, this section of Help is designed to be a generic explanation of the use of these forms.  Regardless of the topics covered and the specific questions asked, the forms will all be completed in the same way.

Because medical practices can select and name these forms and the questions that appear on them, the menu items listed under Intake Forms will vary from one practice to another.  The form names on your menu may be different from the ones we are showing you in this Help system.

Most of these forms are completed before you are seen for treatment.  Having the information in advance allows your physician or practitioner to learn about your case before your appointment, saving time and better preparing for your care.

The Help system provides you with descriptions of a few of the most common Intake Forms:

Instant Medical History (IMH)

Surgical and Allergies


Other Forms