Questions / Concerns

The first menu item gives you quick access to the window you'll use to compose non-emergency messages to the medical practice.

The practice may call this feature Ask the Doctor or a similar name.  That name will appear in the To field of your message:

Because this feature was designed to save time, you cannot change the default recipient of this message.

To compose and send your message:

  1. Click in the Subject field, select the default subject placeholder, delete it, and type a new subject for the message.

  2. Click in the Message field and type your message.

  3. Click Send to send the message.

The Portal displays the following message:

Message Sent Successfully

  1. Click OK.

When the medical practice responds to your message, the From field will display the same identity that your To field did when you sent the message.  So, if your message went to Ask the Doctor, the message you get in return will display:
From: Ask the Doctor.