Welcome to the Patient Portal


Welcome to the Patient Portal Online Help System.  Here you can find information that will help you communicate with your physician's office in the most efficient and convenient manner possible.


The Patient Portal is not intended for use in an emergency!

If you have a true medical emergency, dial 911 or call your local police or fire department!

A Note about this Help System:

Medical practices use the Patient Portal in different ways.  Some use certain features while others do not.  As a result, the menus and windows that you see when you log in to the Patient Portal may look slightly different than the examples presented here, however, the structure, function, and navigation is generally similar.

For example, one practice may ask you to complete a particular questionnaire while another may not.  The procedures, however, will be the same.

Navigational Tools

Use one of the navigation tools in the panel on the left side of this window to find the information you need:

Table of Contents: Select a chapter and topic just as you would if you were using a reference manual.


Index:  The Index is an alphabetical list of terms.  Select one to display the topic(s) in which that term is used, then display that topic.


Search: Helps you find topics in which the word or term you entered is used.



You can access the following features from the left navigation pane on the Patient Portal home page:

Questions / Concerns

Quickly and directly send a non-emergency question or message to the practice.


Send and receive messages to and from the practice, including questions to a specific recipient in the office, a physician, nurse, or administrator.

Account Information

Review and update your personal information, contact information, employer information, other demographic information and pharmacy information.

Intake Forms

Provide complete health, medical, family, demographic and social history information, and complete a detailed assessment profile survey.


Access and review lab and diagnostic reports, education information pertaining to your condition, statements, referrals, and personal health records.


Request a new appointment and see the date and time of appointments you already have scheduled.


Send specific requests to the practice for refills, lab work, and referrals.

Navigation and Logistical Information

Learn how to access the features available on the Portal's Home Page.